Kevin D. Lafferty


I grew up in Southern California, but left as soon as it was legally possible.  I’ve been in Santa Barbara since 1981, where I got a bachelor’s degree in aquatic biology, then a master’s degree in zoology, then a PhD. in ecology, then eventually I found a job that would let me stay forever.

I’m lucky to now have a permanent GS-15 research position with the world-renowned US Geological Survey.  My main expertise is with parasites.  I also work on the conservation of threatened species like snowy plovers, abalone, tidewater gobies, and sea otters.  I don’t presently teach any courses, but I do mentor students getting their PhD in ecology at UCSB.

My wife runs a nature reserve a couple miles from the UCSB campus where I work at the Marine Science Institute.  We also run our own 160 acre nature reserve in the Santa Ynez Mountains.  Our two daughters keep us busy.

I get to travel to some amazing places and SCUBA dive when I work.  For fun, I surf near campus and during my travels.